Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Late Nurin Jazlin.

It's hard to believe that 190 days has passed since the death of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. The story that shook the nation, Nurin was abducted from a night market near her home and was found stuffed in a duffel bag by the stairs in a Petaling Jaya shoplot. Nurin's murder was the cruelest activity of the highest order and still sends shivers down the spine of Malaysians.

What if Nurin was your younger sister? What if she was the little girl next door?

A:S.A.P 4 Children aims to educate young children on safety issues to avoid abduction through an interactive and educational way. Our book "Stranger Danger" will be distributed to kindergarteners aged 4 and above to raise awareness on the issue and therefore decrease the number of abduction cases.

For the progression of Nurin's case and update news on other missing children, please visit:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Roadshow Part 2

Lemon and Oranges, PJ

Kid's performance.. lion dance!

Whisper one by one...

The clown giving gift to the kids.

Andrew and Leoni with Annete.

Love love love!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Roadshow Pt 1

Taska Dazzle, Taman Desa.

Tun spending time with Muhammad.

Rain, the stranger.

Let's sing together... *twinkle twinkle little star*!

Cheers... :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Help the children A.S.A.P!

Here's the pictures!
Jco Donuts!


Vaanan and Tun ready to do the double dare.

Rain, the sandwich man.

Cheryl and Ham packing the hamper.

Gimme gimme gimme MORE!

Marie, Kah Yan and Stephanie

The pink ones...

And the blue ones...

Kah Yee , Sheaumun and Jean

Thank you again :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We the ASAPians just wanna say......

for those who supported us today. :)

next entry: pictures!

Monday, February 18, 2008

We got TALENTED people as well you know...

Hey you guys! Tomorrow will be our fund raising day, we will be having J.Co donuts, a lot of challenging games as well as prizes to be won! Oh!! Have I mention? We will be having Dominos pizzas too! Yay~! Great food, cool activites, fun games..... COME SUPPORT US! :D

Here's the list of songs that we will have our talented people to sing for you or anyone that you would like to dedicate to. Hey, come on.... These guys can sing much better than Britney Spears, Jay Chow..... anyone you name it!

It's only RM2 per song... Anyone interested can call Jenifer at 0132671288.
Time is limited! Make your reservation for the singing soon before Tuesday 1pm! ;)

*click on the poster to get a larger view.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

DOUBLE DARE us, bring it on!

We need to raise funds A.S.A.P! But we don’t believe in doing it the conventional way. Yawn.

I dare you to do something for me.


I double dare you to do something for me.

Err… No

I’ll PAY you to do a double dare for me.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Take your pick:

1. An “I Love You, Honey Bunny/Sweetie Pie/ Cuppycake/whatever!” shout out to a person of your choice (RM 3)

2. Scream like a person possessed – no profanities allowed (RM 3)

3. Pull someone’s ear – the darer is responsible for any following consequences (RM3)

4. Pull someone’s nose – repeat above warning (RM3)

5. Run around TCPJ premises, ground floor only (RM5)

6. Torture our taste buds with fiery chili padi (RM5)

7. Get carried by a team member piggyback style around the courtyard. Backbreaking factor – 10 (RM5)

8. Play dead in the courtyard for 5 minutes at a clean place of your choice (RM10)

9. We’ll give you 5 ugly poses – take a picture, it’ll last longer! (RM5)

10. Stick a sign on us to parade around college with eg. Kick my butt, bite me (RM5)


1. Slap a team member. Again, darer is responsible for any consequences (RM20)

2. Makeover one of our team members for 15 minutes – options range from Hollywood to Bollywood to circus clowns (RM10)

3. Squat jump like frog wannabes around the courtyard twice (RM10)

4. Request someone’s phone number on your behalf (chicken). The person must be within sight range though (RM10)

5. Make a prank call of your choice. No calls to emergency numbers (911) or frail elderly people – (RM 10)


A relaxing 3-minute massage by a capable team member (RM5)

Contact Jenifer at 013-2671288 to place a dare.

So there you go! List of double dare as we promised you....
Remember.... You have only till Tuesday 1pm.

We need money ASAP!

Hey everyone,

Curious about the “Help the Children A.S.A.P.”?
We have several activities lined up on
Tuesday (19th Feb) at the courtyard TCPJ
from 10am to 1pm :

J.Co Donuts Sale – Don’t you just hate the long queues to get your weekly antidote for that sweet tooth of yours? Well, the team behind A:S.A.P understands how you feel!
Come get your donuts from 10am-1pm from our booth minus the long queues!

County Count – Tired of those boring ‘count the marbles in the jar and win a prize’?
We present to you the new and updated version (more fun too!) of counting the swimming guppies! RM1 per try. What have you got to lose? The closest guess wins a prize!

Love Stoned - Got a song in your head you want to sing and wished you could belt a tune like Kelly Clarkson? No worries there, our (talented) team is willing to sing for you for a small fee. Imagine a choir that would put the best singers to shame. For the list of songs,visit our booth!

Pickcha – College days goes through so fast, by the time you realise you won’t see your classmates on a daily basis, it’s already the end of the semester. Take this opportunity to drop by our booth and get your picture taken and choose a funky background to decorate it!

Are you nuts? – Want the bragging rights of “Taylor’s best Chopstick Master”?
Transfer the peanuts in the quickest time and win a top secret prize!

Double dare – Got something against our team members? Or do you just want a laugh and see our team members perform potentially embarrassing tasks like – Scream like a possessed person in the courtyard during common hour or Watch a team member lay dead in the middle of the courtyard for 5 minutes?. Sound good? We have more dares (which are even more embarrassing and painful) for you to choose from.
Get the whole list from our booth on Tuesday or check out the next post. (coming soon)

All proceeds of the fundraiser will go towards publishing a story book (with a cool colouring book concept) to educate kindergarteners on safety tips to avoid abduction cases. So, help us to help the children by supporting our fundraiser!

See you at the courtyard on Tuesday 10am – 1pm!

(We’ll be the ones in pink and blue!)

p/s: Check out the double dare list in the next entry!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Special donuts for you... you... and YOU!

Ah haaa~ So some of you got this 'donut' today right?

Curious to know more about this event? Come visit us more... more updates soon! ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet the TEAM!!!

Project Manager

Fareeza Ilyana

Assistant PM

Cheryl Stephanie


Petrina Jo


Wong Hui Min



Cheryl Stephanie

Stephanie Oon

Wong Hui Min

Phoebe Tan

Hoang Le Vu (Rain)


Andrew Ong


Tun Sayid


Lidya Febiyanti

Marketing & Publicity

Ong Sheng Jean

Lee Kah Yee

Daryl Lee

Citra N. Komo

Wong Sheau Mun

Chan Yoke Chin

Media Relations

Putri Shazana


Azie Izzati

Christy Lim

Audrey Kee

Research & Development

Marie Low

MR Team

Event Management

Jenifer Lie

Joey Chan

Leoni Hang

Cheryl Pinto

Kam Kah Yan

Jesika Utami

Weng See

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What is ASAP?

Hey guys! Curious to know more about our project? Here are the in-depth information about our project..... ;)

A:S.A.P 4 Children stands for “Abduction: Social Alert Project 4 Children”.

The team behind this project comprises 30 fourth semester students of the Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations (PR) majors from Taylor’s College School of Communication (SOC).

We plan to execute two major projects in the course of this campaign:
1. The Kindergarten Adoption Programme, whereby we will collaborate with five kindergartens in the Petaling Jaya district. During our roadshows to these kindergartens, we hope to communicate the importance of basic personal safety (such as being aware of strangers and when to dial 911) through a series of fun interactive activities.

2. The Book Project, the brainchild of A:S.A.P 4 Children. A storybook for pre-school children with a coloring book concept.

We hope to raise sufficient funds to publish and distribute the books free of charge to the five kindergartens under our adoption programme.


1. To provide a platform for young children to learn about basic personal safety.
2. To raise the awareness of parents and families on the importance of child safety.
3. To raise funds for the successful execution of the Book Project.

We'll let you know more updates ASAP!! :D

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello =)

Ah haa~ So the two kids do caught your attention huh? ;)

Well hello there! We are Diploma in Communications Semester 4 students of Taylor's College Petaling Jaya. We are currently organizing a social awareness project about child abduction, we named it A:S.A.P.4 Children , Abduction: Social Alert Project For Children. Since there were so many unfortunate cases about child abduction, we figure that it is very important for the society to educate the children about their own safety. We are here to help them, and of cause, educate them to prevent all the unwanted incidents to happen. So, help us to educate the children. Do visit this blog often to check out the latest event and more information about our project.

See you around!