Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Present to you -- the winner of DANCE QUAKE '08


Mustang Crew VS La Bella Mafeeya

Mustang Crew VS SS Racken

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're not done yet!

We've had our finale and yet we're not done spreading the word on child abduction!
Due to overwhelming response, we've extended our roadshows to 2 more kindergartens.
Last Saturday, our team of 12 visited Sri Montessori in Damansara Jaya for their carnival where we performed out sketch in front of 40 kids and parents!
We had a Q&A session after the sketch and the kids who answered correctly were given a copy of 'Stranger Danger'.

The team

With Eve and Louise from Sri Montessori

With Nicholas who purchased our t-shirt from the carnival!

Next saturday, we'll be at Sri Montessori Damansara Utama. So if you're free, do drop by and say hello!

A very big THANK YOU to everyone !!!

We the ASAPians wanna say
a billion of THANK YOU to everyone !
THANK YOU to those who had support us
from the very beggining till the end.

THANK YOU to those who had join us in
HELP the children ASAP
the Official Launch of ASAP4CHILDREN

ASAPians & Mustang Crew

last but not least
A very big THANK YOU to our lecturer


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dance Quake '08 Reviews (Part Four)

Audience Favourite- Mustang Crew

Supportive crowds

Dance Quake '08 Champion- Mustang Crew


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dance Quake '08 Reviews (Part Three)

Group 13- SS Racken

Performance- Capoeira by Living Arts Studio

Best 4- La Bella Mafeeya, Project Element'z, Mustang Crew and SS Racken

1st battle between Mustang Crew and La Bella Mafeeya

2nd battle between Project Element's and SS Racken

It's the time to pick the best!

Grand battle- Mustang Crew vs SS Racken

Come back for the last review of Dance Quake '08!

Dance Quake '08 Reviews (Part Two)

Group 5- La Bella Mafeeya

Group 6- Ever Blazin'

Group 7- Project Element'z

Group 8- G-Phunk

Group 9- Mustang Crew

Performance- Acro Yoga by Living Arts Studio

Group10- Darklance

Group 11- CBC

Group 12- Phoenix