Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shirts for sale!

Hey everyone!

We have cool t-shirts for sale! And guess what? It cost only at RM15! We bet it is the cheapest price of a shirt you can get. This t-shirt sale is part of our fund raising activity for the successful execution of the Book Project for the children. You can buy it for yourselves, or as a gift to your friends and family! So, come and support us, buy at least one from us! THANK YOU~ :)

Our world with strangers. We must be aware that with a world that is full of strangers, we never know who is the good ones (people with warm, red heart) and who is the bad ones (people with evil dark heart).

Kindly contact Hui Min at 016-3671116 or Stephaine Oon at 016-6338049 to place orders for the t-shirts.

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