Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We have the FM Cruisers with us!

Hey guys! We are having our ticket booth at Taylors Main Campus in Subang as well! Our booth open to everyone from 12.00pm to 3pm on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday will be from 12pm onwards until late afternoon! So, if you have friends in that area are interested to go, ask them to stop by our booth and get da tickets from us!

Here's the good news..... THREE radio station's FM cruisers are going to stop by at Taylors Main Campus at Subang to help us to promote the tickets! Sounds fun!

Alright people, here's da schedule of the FM cruisers that are coming, make sure you'll be there too!

Thursday- My FM (1.00pm-1.25pm)
Friday- Hitz.FM (1.10pm-1.30pm)
Fly FM (2.40pm-3.00pm)

Come and grab da ticket quick! See you there! :)

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