Sunday, February 17, 2008

DOUBLE DARE us, bring it on!

We need to raise funds A.S.A.P! But we don’t believe in doing it the conventional way. Yawn.

I dare you to do something for me.


I double dare you to do something for me.

Err… No

I’ll PAY you to do a double dare for me.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Take your pick:

1. An “I Love You, Honey Bunny/Sweetie Pie/ Cuppycake/whatever!” shout out to a person of your choice (RM 3)

2. Scream like a person possessed – no profanities allowed (RM 3)

3. Pull someone’s ear – the darer is responsible for any following consequences (RM3)

4. Pull someone’s nose – repeat above warning (RM3)

5. Run around TCPJ premises, ground floor only (RM5)

6. Torture our taste buds with fiery chili padi (RM5)

7. Get carried by a team member piggyback style around the courtyard. Backbreaking factor – 10 (RM5)

8. Play dead in the courtyard for 5 minutes at a clean place of your choice (RM10)

9. We’ll give you 5 ugly poses – take a picture, it’ll last longer! (RM5)

10. Stick a sign on us to parade around college with eg. Kick my butt, bite me (RM5)


1. Slap a team member. Again, darer is responsible for any consequences (RM20)

2. Makeover one of our team members for 15 minutes – options range from Hollywood to Bollywood to circus clowns (RM10)

3. Squat jump like frog wannabes around the courtyard twice (RM10)

4. Request someone’s phone number on your behalf (chicken). The person must be within sight range though (RM10)

5. Make a prank call of your choice. No calls to emergency numbers (911) or frail elderly people – (RM 10)


A relaxing 3-minute massage by a capable team member (RM5)

Contact Jenifer at 013-2671288 to place a dare.

So there you go! List of double dare as we promised you....
Remember.... You have only till Tuesday 1pm.

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