Sunday, February 17, 2008

We need money ASAP!

Hey everyone,

Curious about the “Help the Children A.S.A.P.”?
We have several activities lined up on
Tuesday (19th Feb) at the courtyard TCPJ
from 10am to 1pm :

J.Co Donuts Sale – Don’t you just hate the long queues to get your weekly antidote for that sweet tooth of yours? Well, the team behind A:S.A.P understands how you feel!
Come get your donuts from 10am-1pm from our booth minus the long queues!

County Count – Tired of those boring ‘count the marbles in the jar and win a prize’?
We present to you the new and updated version (more fun too!) of counting the swimming guppies! RM1 per try. What have you got to lose? The closest guess wins a prize!

Love Stoned - Got a song in your head you want to sing and wished you could belt a tune like Kelly Clarkson? No worries there, our (talented) team is willing to sing for you for a small fee. Imagine a choir that would put the best singers to shame. For the list of songs,visit our booth!

Pickcha – College days goes through so fast, by the time you realise you won’t see your classmates on a daily basis, it’s already the end of the semester. Take this opportunity to drop by our booth and get your picture taken and choose a funky background to decorate it!

Are you nuts? – Want the bragging rights of “Taylor’s best Chopstick Master”?
Transfer the peanuts in the quickest time and win a top secret prize!

Double dare – Got something against our team members? Or do you just want a laugh and see our team members perform potentially embarrassing tasks like – Scream like a possessed person in the courtyard during common hour or Watch a team member lay dead in the middle of the courtyard for 5 minutes?. Sound good? We have more dares (which are even more embarrassing and painful) for you to choose from.
Get the whole list from our booth on Tuesday or check out the next post. (coming soon)

All proceeds of the fundraiser will go towards publishing a story book (with a cool colouring book concept) to educate kindergarteners on safety tips to avoid abduction cases. So, help us to help the children by supporting our fundraiser!

See you at the courtyard on Tuesday 10am – 1pm!

(We’ll be the ones in pink and blue!)

p/s: Check out the double dare list in the next entry!

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