Friday, March 7, 2008

Roadshow Part 3

Tadika Sri Medan Bistari, Taman Buana Perdana, PJ

Our team members who went to Tadika Sri Medan Bistari, Taman Buana Perdana on the 6th March consist of 8 members: Hui Min, Marie, Yoke Chin, Azzie, Kar Yan, Stephanie, Weng See and Joey. There were 36 students from the kindergarten.

We arrived at the kindergarten at about half past nine in the morning. Ice breaking session took place. Shortly after, as usual, we did our sketch on child safety, followed by the Q&As. Emphasis was given on the emergency number, 999 and the dangers of tagging along with strangers. The children understood well and they were very participative. The games and activities we had were:

  • Chinese Whispers
  • London Bridge
  • Poison Box
  • A little warm up exercises
  • Singing songs together
Towards the ending of our visit, prizes were given to the respective winners of each game and those who answered for the Q&As. Group pictures were then taken and off we headed for another venue!

Sketch on child safety

Q&A session

Singing songs together

London bridge

The winners!

ASAPians... :)

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