Saturday, March 8, 2008

Roadshow Part 4

Tadika Montessori Cambridge English Learning Centre, PJ

Our team members who went to Cambridge English Learning Centre, on the 6th March consist of 11 members: Andrew Ong, Tan Sin Ying, Tamilvannan, Shidy, Jean Ong, Daryl Lee, Sheau Mun, Christy Lim, Leoni Hang, Jesika Utami, and Jennifer Lie. There were 50 students age ranging from 3 -6 years old.

At 9.00 AM we started by greeting the kids by Jennifer, as the MC. Then we did our role play, continue with Q&A session. There are 5 prizes given for the kids who were able to answer our question. The response of the children during this Q&A session was excellent because most of the kids are willing to participate and answer the questions.

After that the committee members together with the kids sang 2 songs, continue with first game, Chinese whisper, which the kids are supposed to whisper to the friend behind them and passed the secret safety message.

The next game we played is called “the mother/father and the stranger”. We improvise this game from the fox and the hen. The objective of the game is to teach the children to hold on to their mother or father while the stranger tries to get them. The children must also run or avoid the stranger when he tries to catch them.

The last in the itinerary was the giving out of gifts to all of the 50 students and sing goodbye song. We also took pictures together with the kids. We wrapped up at 9.45 AM.

Mohd Meedah

Concentrating on our role play....

“the mother/father and the stranger” game

Jeje, head of event management


Love... :)

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