Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Roadshow Part 5

Methodist Kindergarten, PJ

The final and largest roadshow was held at Methodist Kindergarten on 6th March, with approximately 100 children aged between 3-6 years old. All 31 members of the A:S.A.P 4 Children team were present.

The roadshow kicked off at 11am with a short sketch on the danger of following strangers. The kids were extremely responsive during the Q&A session held after that, waving their arms enthusiastically to be picked. Questions revolved around the emergency number (999), as well as what to do in certain situations when confronted by a stranger. About 10 goodie bags were handed out during this session.

As there were too many children present to play games, we decided to have a sing-a-long. Both team members and kindergarteners spiritedly sang and danced to songs such as “London Bridge is Falling Down”, “Hokey Pokey”, and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It was hard to see who was having more fun – the kids or us!

At 11.30am, we took some group photos with the kids and their teachers, and said our goodbyes. All in all, the roadshows were a huge success and the children understood the message we were trying to pass on to them, thus fulfilling the objectives of A:S.A.P 4 Children.

Q&A session

Dance together...

Phoebe and Yin Ting

Thank you!!!


Son said...

Keep up the meaningful job...

A:S.A.P.4children said...

hey Son! Yea, of cause we will. ;)